Enough Is Enough


Urgent voices are saying enough is enough.

Ten thousand small farmers say, “We need Congress to work with us to develop food and agriculture policies that support climate-friendly organic and regenerative farming, ranching, and land-use practices.” These farmers ask that Congress quit subsidizing monopolistic, exploitive industrial-scale agriculture. Industrial farming pollutes the environment, produces unhealthy food and disproportionately devastates rural communities and economies, they contend.

The concerted cry of farmers is due to what they see happening in their soil and in the food they produce. Their agenda is straightforward: to sustain their livelihood and ensure humanity’s food supply, we must change how we farm. The switch to regenerative farming is not simple. It is even harder when fighting against the tide of subsidies and crop insurance the government reserves for traditional methods reliant on chemicals and plows.

Small farmers are demanding action. Today, students are leaving classes and taking to the streets to fight for their tomorrow. Inspired by Greta Thunberg, they are protesting the inaction of the adults on climate change.

Life is the accumulation of todays and tomorrows. We have only the present and the future. What we do in the present will decide the number of tomorrows we accumulate.